Monday, October 11, 2010

Transcending towards enlightenment, and kicking your butt along the way

When you’ve finished cleaning yourself up, I will point out how your pathetic attempts have left you even more exposed.
For you see, your true error was engaging in combat in both 2 dimensions and in 3. It limits the mind my young friend. However, in doing that you have shown me the true path.
To truly be a master at this challenge you need to leave the material world behind. It is a matter of transcendence.

For now, I have begun to leave the material plane behind. In a sense, you could say I have become my own…

Little Buddha

Which of course had Keanu Reeves in it. Which is my ticket to…
The Matrix?

My poor misguided friends. I told you I had left the material world far behind.

It has been in the crucible of this combat that I have been able to shed my preconceived notions of space and time, achieving a state of zen-like perfection in my responses. I have harnessed my chi and aligned my chakras to such an immense degree that I am now able to travel through space using only the power of my meditation.

Just like Hugh Jackman could do in…

The Fountain

I assume after you saw that I had achieved a state of true enlightenment, merely viewing the magnificence of this primitive communication blew your mind into a state of rapture. Kind of like Hugh Jackman’s face right here

That's right. Hugh Jackman just showed you his "Oh" face.
By the way, the sound effect you are searching for here is YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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