Monday, September 20, 2010

I see your sharp frisbee and raise you a three bladed sword...

Perfect, you have fallen into my devious trap.

You see I have an unholy love for all things fantasy. By not only recognizing my Willow reference but also responding in kind, you have committed three costly errors.

The first is believing that I would consider Krull obscure. Please. What other movie has “The Glaive,” a deadly Frisbee you control with gestures that look like a cross between using the force and being really constipated.
See what I mean? Look at that guy's face!

The second is mentioning Krull without giving credit to the lovely and talented Lysette Anthony, who played that kidnapped princess you were mentioning. She survived all that time in the black fortress waiting for Middle Earth's Ultimate Frisbee team to rescue her, and her 80's perm still looked awesome. My kind of chick.

The third is allowing me to bring my knowledge of 80’s fantasy to bear on this contest. I let you off the hook early on, but now, the time for mercy is past. Now you’re in my playground. So pucker up Buttercups. Because the genre of Fantasy has had some landmark films. And few are as iconic, as memorable, and as wacky as

The Sword and the Sorcerer

Oh wow! Is that a 3-bladed sword that shoots its blades?

Why yes it is prince valiant, now go get a haircut.

Or maybe you just need a sweet crown like this guy. Pimpin!

And who played the main character?
Why that would be 80’s action man, Lee Horsley

Here he is in “Matt Houston”.
Yup, I just used "Matt Houston" to justify an actor's existence.

Now that's obscure.


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