Wednesday, September 1, 2010

All flash and no substance

Easy now Tiger, don't let that little shot go to your head.

You see, I anticipated your "Flash"-y technique. You might even say I counted on it.

Now to your credit, I will say the theme music accompanying your post was a nice touch, and I am totally a sucker for multi-media presentation.
But if we are talking pure retro sc-fi cheesy love, while Flash (aaaaaAAAAAAh) scores with a sweet Queen soundtrack, he loses a bit in sheer space mojo.
What's that I said? Space mojo? What could that possibly be?

Oh child, if i have to explain it to you, then you are not geeky enough to understand.

Flash? Please. He had Dale Arden, who while admittedly pretty cute, was only one woman. Quaint and sort of romantic, but for true dominance of sci-fi you need a real space lothario. A man who showed the world that with white jumpsuits and man-boobs you could still be a sex symbol.

And let's not forget the ladies. Wilma and Princess Ardala. Sugar and spice yo. Sugar and spice.

As you gaze in wonder, perhaps you should check this little gem out. Make sure you got the sound turned up.

"It's called getting down. It's a little before your time."

Word Buck Rogers. Word.

And did you mention something about gues stars? John Rhys who? Timothy what? Anyone can play a dwarf or the only James Bond worse than George Lazenby. But i got Hollywood royalty!

The voice of Bugs Bunny and Arnold! Now, whatchoo talkin bout Jared?
(much love Gary C. R.I.P.)

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